What If?

What if your neighbor was a beautiful dancer? Tall, willowy figure that stood proud and strong. What if your neighbor oozed grace and sophistication? A delicate swan. What if your neighbor had a full smile? Bright, beautiful joy radiating off the smooth complexion....

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Space Launch: The Unknown

It is officially Spring Break for me! That means time for writing-right? Wrong! I got the flu-boo. That meant I was down for a few days. My plan was to write and write and write...Unfortunately, that plan went south VERY, VERY, fast. I am not 100%-but close to it. So,...

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Author Marketing Advice: 5 Tips

When we become authors, we must push and market our work so that others will take notice. For me, I struggle with this because all though I am an extravert, I like to make a "real connection" with someone. So, what I have done is dig deep and begin to connect with...

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January Author Challenge 2019

January Author Challenge Happy New Year to everyone! I can't believe that it is 2019 already. How many of you make New Year Resolutions? I don’t really make a resolution. Instead I made personal goals. I like to call them goals because it is easier for me to stick to...

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The Age of the Digital World

In January 2007, Steve Jobs released the first iPhone and our society changed as we know it. We began to rely more and more on our mobile devices for many things: calendar, clock, email and even the usage of social media. In 2009, a survey was given to adolescents....

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The Choices We Make

Wemake choices every day of our lives. Some choices are positive, and some not so much. Sometimes we are faced with making the choices that may or may not be revocable. Which could mean: we are faced with hard choices. Sometimes we don’t want to face these hard...

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  Summer is officially over! Today my youngest started second grade. Excitement, happiness, and enthusiasm all crossed his face when he knew that he was going to be able to see his friends again. As I watched him interact with his friends, it made me realize that...

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“Could I get another cup of coffee, please?”

The title says it all! I am in the process of editing my second book, Public Affairs and this can be a tedious at times. So, yes, LOTS of coffee is needed. This is exciting because my work will be released at the end of Summer 2018! I enjoy...

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Lessons Learned From A Book Festival

"What is your favorite genre?" I would ask the fellow attendees of the Great Valley Bookfest as they walked by my booth in Author Alley. This question grabbed their attention and immediately hooked them into thinking and having to answer. Some attendees would tell me...

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Settings in Stories

  Have you ever walked into a feed store and looked around at what is offered for your little friends at home AKA your pets? When I wrote Grains of Truth, I had to do some research and visit some feed stores to get an idea about what one might experience when...

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Have You Seen 2017?

  I can't believe 2017 is almost done and 2018 is fast approaching! This is year has been a much better year for my family. My husband is still on the road to recovery; but it has been nice having him home and help out with the kiddos. I just finished teaching...

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