The Power of Writing Development

Now this blog is a little different then I have written in the past. But I feel that this is a must. Back in November I attended some amazing sessions at a writing conference (20booksto50K). Dynamic story creation, a 4-part series, stood out to me because I learned how to drive my story and take my readers on an emotional journey. I knew that I needed more! Behold! I got the speaker’s books and signed up for his online class! This has been the best investment because over the past few months (whenever I can), I have devoured the material. Drake has helped me understand the importance of dynamic story creation.

How do I write a story where my readers are taking an emotional journey? I need to understand the theme of the story. Now before you begin to argue with me, I learned that all you need to do is write a story that depicts human elements. What? That’s it. I know. I was shocked as well! All I had to do is write a story that connects to a human! Ok then. So now the story continues, I thought what element do I want to write about that connects to a humanizing! element? There is so much! For me: how family origins impact the development of a person.

So off I go to learn more and figure out my pieces using what I learned to help drive my story so that my readers enjoy and can connect to my story.

P.S. Special thanks to Drake (aka Maxwell Alexander Drake) for assisting me and teaching me so much!