Now when you saw this heading, your nose might have wrinkled up a little bit (for my mom, I know disgust crossed her face! She is not a fan of mushrooms; however, we still love her). For others, the licking of lips might have occurred because let’s face it, mushrooms are very healthy for you and excellent to eat. Though, before you read any further, I am not blogging about yummy mushroom recipes (I might save that for later), instead I am going to tell you the role that mushrooms play within the fairy realm.

In the fairy realm, mushrooms are used for a source of power. When mushrooms grow in a circular ring, it can bring luck to oneself, whether it be good or bad. Some believe that when a human enters a mushroom ring, it could cause them to go mad or die from exhaustion. Whereas others believe that when you enter a mushroom ring, it can help with fertility or prosperity.

Mushroom rings within the fairy realm, serve the purpose for the council to convene. Various creatures may serve on the council and act as representatives for their people. The fairy queen and other leaders oversee the council. Topics are discussed and decisions are made. Most often humans do not serve on the council and are kept away.

Why is this important to talk about? For me, it is important to include this into my book because even though my story is set in present day, the fairy realm is a big piece of the story. My characters are connected to the fairy realm and as they search out and find their own truth, they learn more and more about linkage between the fairy realm and the human realm.