The fairy realm is deep and very powerful. Part of the fairy world includes the usage of altars. The intention of altars is to reward fairies because they help watch over things such as the garden or they help find something that may have been lost. By building an altar, a connection is maintained. If fairies help, then they need to be rewarded. Fairies prefer shiny trinkets, treats, flowers and wine. By constructing an altar, fairies help find lost things in the house or, as I previously mentioned, watch over places such as the garden.

So, how many of you have ever played the key game? The game where you forget where you placed your keys and can’t find them anywhere? I know I have played this game many times. By placing something that the fairy likes at the altar such as a shiny penny, then they will help you find your keys or in some cases return your keys back to you. When your keys come back to you then you need to say out loud “Thank you” and then place a reward on the altar. If you want them to watch over your garden against anything suspicious, then place an item that fairies love in the garden altar and then they will help watch and allow it grow. Make sure that you say, “thank you”. It is important to say this because if not, fairies will laugh at you and can become very mischievous.

In my story, I am beginning to mull around a character that watches over the house where my main character currently resides. It is a fairy that lives in the house and helps my main character stay safe. It is a small creature, not very big, but it has a significant role because my character begins thinking the house has a mind of its own. But really the fairy is helping protect the inside. Of course, I am beginning to inch this into the storyline and see where this leads me.

Now off to write and brainstorm some more!