What does foxglove, gardenias, jasmine and roses all have in common? These flowers are delicate, beautiful and attract fairies. These flowers also are very powerful, and each serve a purpose for fairies. Foxglove gives protection against hunters. Gardenias have been linked to immerse strength. Jasmine provides immortality and roses help with love spells.

These flowers also serve as portals to the fairy realm. When twilight hits the sky and you are surrounded by these beautiful flowers, you can see the land of the fae. It is between the veils of our realm and the next realm. Once you go in, keep in mind that time serves differently in the fae land. What seems like years here could be seconds or minutes there.

What if you don’t fairies around? What if they caused some harm to you? You might want to consider things to put in your garden or your space to keep them away. St. John’s wort, dill, bark from a rowan tree, iron, cold steel or pyrite all encourage fairies to stay away.

In my book, I have developed a character named Leslie, who on the outside seems like a crazy plant lady. She has plants and flowers everywhere in her house. She walks around and has saying  “each plant and flower serve a purpose”. She sounds very absent-minded, but deep down the reason she says these things is she a protector of other fairies. Her task has been to protect Alaina, the main character, from the enemy that is trying to hurt her.

As I was writing my story, I realized that I needed to map out my characters and make sure that everyone has a purpose to the story. Not just put characters in it but have a purpose to their existence.

However, the role of the Leslie is to be determined because I am working on integrating other characters and a bigger role for her in my story.

Now back to writing!

P.S. A big thank you to Kitchen Witch Gourmet for helping me understand the knowledge of fairies.