I am embarking into a new direction with my writing. I know I have been hinting about it and might have briefly mentioned it in the past, but now I have completely immersed myself into this genre: paranormal romance. The thing that I am concentrating on is the fae world. This has been such an interesting and fun experience. Writing about the fairy world I thought that you just wrote and not worry about little things. Not so much! My brain is spinning out of control because of how complex the fae world is because of the little nuances that one must know.

Let’s start with the word fairy. There are many connotations on how to spell this: fairy, faery, fay, fae. All depict and mean the same thing. The word just represents a group of something. The word can be singular or plural. There are many different types of fae that one might know: elves, brownies, pixies, giants, red-capped, changelings, sirens, trolls, leprechauns, sirens, sprites, genies, greenies, kelps. All of these serve different functions. Fairies have been around for many years. We typically hear stories and legends about how these mysterious creatures have walked among us.

My main character, Alaina has found out that fairy blood runs through her body. She has just graduated from college in journalism and started working for an independently owned journal. Alaina has started to notice that things don’t always seem to be what they are. She is being followed and people are after her. In fact, her life has turned upside down. Why is this? She has asked her best friend, Lilly to help her out in finding more about this mystery.

So, the direction that I have decided to take on my blog is to write about things that I am learning and researching about the fae world and making sure that things are embedded into my story: The Fairy Chronicles.

A big thank you to The Kitchen Witch Gourmet for teaching me so much about this topic!