Bam! Done! No more! 

The last day of 20 Books Vegas 2019 has come to a close.

My to-do list is A LOT longer and my brain made a little more room for the new knowledge it learned after today, but the last three days went by too fast! The people I met were extraordinary.

On the last day I learned that failure is a tool not an excuse. The amazing Mal Cooper talked about the word: F.A.I.L. First Attempt In Learning. In everything we do, we learn, grow and persevere. Always look ahead and understand that it is ok to take risks. Stretch your comfort level. You will be surprised what things connect with your readers. Bryan Cohen entertained us but brought a wealth of amazing tools. He said that “Profit…is all about patience”. Boy is this true! After today I have relooked at some things and have decided that again I am in a marathon not a spirit. We live in a instant gratification world and we need to remember to just take a deep breathe and focus on what we can.

After the last 3 days, I am going to push myself and continue to move forward.

Off to just settle my brain.