What are your plans for the new year? There are less then 50 days left in this decade before we hit a new one!

Chomp on that!

What emotions came flying across your mind when I posed this question?

Was it surprise? Happiness? Guilt? Or just plain down right terror?

On my second day at 20 Books Vegas, Chris Fox discussed how authors need to understand the emotions of their readers so when a story is read, a thought or memory or connection can be made between the storyline and the emotions that are running through the readers mind. When an author engages with their reader more by asking personal questions, they are doing their research and connecting with the right audience that fits the authors story. For any genre, if the author asks a question, they can keep the reader engaged.

Ask your reader, what is their favorite TV show/movie/song currently or 10 years ago and why. Then incorporate that into your story so that when your readers come across it, it triggers an emotional response. 

Off to learn more!