Happy November! We finally got fall weather here in California. We did have some hiccups with our local electric company, and we are still trying to brace for any changes that are on the horizon.

This month marks the month of NaNoWrimo. In that past I have heard of this National Novel Writing Month and been intrigued by it. I guess the biggest fear was making sure that I had the time. But I am pushing all of my fears aside and focusing on my craft. So, earlier this week I rolled up my sleeves (literally) and signed up for this! Writers across the nation are setting personal writing goals. The community is HUGE and it is exciting to feel the support from so many fellow authors.

This month I am setting the goal of writing between 30,000 to 50,000 words in my new novel, The Assassin. I know I have other works in progress, but I thought I needed something fresh and exciting so that I can push myself and complete this challenge.

The idea came to me while I was having breakfast with my youngest. I told him about this writing challenge and he just looked at me and told me to go for it. I took out a piece of paper and we just began to brainstorm this idea. Now he is only eight years old, but the way his brain just oozes creativeness pours out of him and we both fed off the energy and a short synopsis and plotline just came to fruition. Now I have a new piece of work and very excited to complete this writing challenge for the month of November!

The Assassin is a romance/suspense novel and here is a rough synopsis of it:

When you are a witness to a gruesome crime, you stop at nothing to protect yourself including trying to escape the man who is hired to kill you. But do you learn to trust your instincts and trust this man? What happens when your body and your heart wants more?

So, off I go to write my new work, The Assassin.