To tell you why I do what I do, I need to talk about my story. I have every intention of getting my degree in Business and helping my parents. I felt that was my calling. I begin taking my general education courses focusing on business. However, life had a different plan for me. I ended up becoming a young mother. To my mother’s suggestion (sometimes this is interpreted as you do it), I took an infant toddler course and was immediately hooked! I soaked up all of the information and watched my baby grow. As I continued my education I began working with infants and toddlers. Watching them accomplish their milestones was a treat because so much happens in those first few years.

I decided to continue on and get my Bachelor’s Degree and then onto my Master’s Degree. For me this decision was based on making sure that I could provide for my little family. As I began graduate school, I decided that I wanted to continue on and get my doctorate degree. This was a hard decision because I knew that I had to commit to this journey. Well, I took the plunge and did it!

During this time, I met my husband. I dropped off the deep end and decided that he and I would be partners-in-crime and take this journey together. He loved this because he was able to hunt and fish as much as he wanted while I was at home writing and making sense of my research. It worked out! As I was getting my doctorate degree (I did finish my degree!), I applied for a job in a different county! Now I don’t do well with change, but I did it! Through this position, I did home visiting, mentored with early care and education providers and coordinated trainers. I worked and met with some amazing individuals and learned a lot. However, like anything, things come to end and my position ended.

I was at a crossroads in my life. I begin teaching part time at the local colleges in my area and I enjoy the different learning styles of my students. But it was during this time I make a decision to pursue something that I always wanted to do! I decided to write! I wanted to write something that I enjoyed. So I began writing fiction novels and my therapy sessions came to be. I was able to escape my world and enter into a world that I could share my stories and process what I wanted.

Some things that I learned from my story is that you have stay committed to what you love! You need to carve out time to do something and make sure you have the courage to finish it.