Over the last few months, I have slowly taken my health back into my own hands. Not only was I struggling physically, I was also struggling mentally and emotionally. I went on a family vacation and just couldn’t bear to see myself and hide behind baggy shirts and jeans. I knew that something needed to be done! I decided to take control of my life and a friend of mine, Amanda, reached out and got me hooked on a program that matched my busy lifestyle. I gradually began to exercise a few times a week, checking in with her and opening myself up. She connected me with a strong group of busy women. What struck me the most was the way that each person cheered and encouraged the little milestones of each unique person’s fitness journey. This included enjoying Lindsay’s and Amber’s stories who were honest and also struggled just like me! Before knew it, I was exercising up to 5 days a week and feeling great! I shifted my mentality and started to focus on my nutrition. Amanda begin showing me the value of how a family can benefit the features of a healthy lifestyle. I relearned how not to torture myself about food but to enjoy this! Another friend of mine, Sierra, gave me the courage to take control back not just for myself, but also my family! I needed this. Now I am far from where I want to be. There are days that I struggle just as much as the next another person. And YES I am my worst critic. However, I am learning to just take things day by day. I am continuing to be emotionally, mentally and physically stronger!

Now as a writer, I am relearning to take control back on my writing. As a writer, you have to work at your craft, focus on what you love and share with others. My fitness journey is just this: working on myself, pushing boundaries and making sure that I continue so that I don’t lose focus on my mental, emotional and physical health. I need to nurture my writing just like my body.

Now off to writing I go!