I took on a project this summer and was asked to write a chapter on Family Engagement for a textbook in the early childhood field. Many emotions poured through me as I took this on. I worked diligently, putting together my take on what I believed family engagement truly means. Even though the total amount of words was around 7,000, to me the process of editing was so critical.

People in this industry will tell you how important it is to edit and take apart your work! I agree with this 100%! For me, I find refuge and therapy in writing. I can lock myself out of my own world and enter another world without thinking twice. There is a since of relief when you finish and see your work come to life! Almost like seeing something so beautiful that it takes your breath away.

Once you have your story written, then comes the editing portion. I struggle with this piece because I know what my brain is saying, however others might not. Since writing non-fiction takes a large amount of research and synthesizing information, I asked a friend of mine to look at my work. The funny thing is she enjoys this type of work. Editing has given her insight on individuals and what goes on in people’s heads. Story development and copyediting are not just important for fiction, but just as important for non-fiction as well. For family engagement I wanted to make sure that the chapter flowed smoothly and kept the reader engaged. I am still finalizing and re-working some areas on this chapter, but I should have it done soon and am excited to get back to my fiction writing.