Awe the great outdoors! Closing your eyes, you feel the wind whisper among the pine trees and the sounds of birds calling to each other. The sweet mountain air reaches your nose as you breathe it in. Yes, you made it. Camping with the whole family. This is why you go, to escape your worries and the be away from the rest of world. Build memories with the family, right? Wrong. Well, as much as that almost happened, I still found out I had cell phone reception and we were surrounded by a lot people. Instead of falling into the mindset of not doing anything, I turned my phone off, ignored the people around me and hunkered down. I was able to write about 3 1/2 hours a day!

While my family fished, I plugged myself into writing for this textbook. As I was writing and processing about family engagement, this trip gave me the opportunity to escape to the Writing Cave. Now the Writing Cave is a phrase that an extraordinary lady named Christine Whitemarsh introduced to me. This is when you unplug from the world and just focus on your craft. It is hard because we do live in the modern world of technology at our fingertips. Take a deep breathe and dive in, not worrying about when you surface.

Using this method, my word count is climbing at a semi-steady rate. The most amazing thing is I am starting to see the chapter slowly coming together.

Now back to crafting this chapter! Until then, happy writing.

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