And so, it has begun. I have been given this great opportunity to help contribute to a textbook geared toward educators. I am only on the third day of writing-which seems so little-but yet I have learned so much.

The chapter that I am writing about is family engagement. After looking into the research and fully understanding these two words, it struck me that family engagement means engagement both in the school and the home setting. Some families are not able to help out physically in the school setting, so what does that mean? As an educator, it is important to think outside of the box and connect families within the home setting. So hopefully I am to tackle this topic in detail as I write.

Another thing that I have learned, as I sit and read the research and make sense of my thoughts, is what do I want readers to understand? It is to understand the complexity of families and that every suggestion does not fit into every family. Family structure has changed, and I am hoping to look at this in more detail so that educators might have a good understanding of potential families that they might meet.

Well off I go to writing!