Happy last day of May! We are now officially entering summer. Although the weather might tell a different story. It has been a crazy couple of months. I was TEACHING, TEACHING AND MORE TEACHING. Oh and grading like a mad woman. Now that the semester has ended, I plan on taking some much-needed R & R. This is the time that I get to spend time with my family, friends and loved ones. The most exciting part: I GET TO WRITE! Last time that I shared with you an update, I told you about my next WIP, The Women Next Door. I guess my motivation was a stand still. My plan is to work on this over this summer.

But I have some exciting news to tell you! Towards the end of this semester, I was approached to help contribute to academic textbook. I have been asked many times when am I going to write a textbook and share with the world? As much as I want to do this project, I don’t have the time. Instead I get to contribute my expertise to a textbook and help share my insight and knowledge to the world. I met with an amazing colleague whom I adore, and we began this process. Now why am I excited? I get to write non-fiction and fiction all summer long! What more can an author want?

Now off to do research and begin this exciting journey!