What if your neighbor was a beautiful dancer? Tall, willowy figure that stood proud and strong. What if your neighbor oozed grace and sophistication? A delicate swan. What if your neighbor had a full smile? Bright, beautiful joy radiating off the smooth complexion. What if your neighbor had blue eyes? Midwinter blue that captures your soul.

What if your neighbor wasn’t the women you thought lived next door?

I take you on a thrill ride where you meet the new neighbor, Violet, a beautiful elegant woman who moves into a tight-knit community. As the woman settles right in, she gains the trust and confidant of all the neighbors. The woman re-establishes her dance studio. As time progresses, we learn, in this domestic thriller that one of the neighbors, Mia, becomes suspicious of the activities that go on over at the woman’s house, especially at night. Plus, what really goes on in the dance studio? None of the other neighbors, believes Mia. They begin calling her crazy and paranoid. So, Mia starts to investigate and stalk Violet, becoming even more and more suspicious.

The Women Next Door (tentatively titled) is my current work in progress. I am embarking on something different by writing a domestic thriller. I want my readers to question, provoke thoughts, agonize over what characters we can really trust.

I want my readers to think: what if we didn’t really know our neighbors after all?

Join me as I begin to unfold the domestic thriller locked inside in my head!