It is officially Spring Break for me! That means time for writing-right? Wrong! I got the flu-boo. That meant I was down for a few days. My plan was to write and write and write…Unfortunately, that plan went south VERY, VERY, fast. I am not 100%-but close to it. So, now I am back and ready to talk to you about the unknown.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like in space? I have always wondered what was out there, in the unknown…For my parents, they remember when the United States began their quest and began to try to reach the moon. At the time, it felt close but so far away. Since then, the International Space Station has been launched, satellites have launched to explore the rest of the planets in our solar system and now the wanting to explore our nearest planet-Mars-has began.

SpaceX has been one of the leading companies that wants to go beyond the moon. They actually plan to make this happen by 2022. What I admire about this is the wanting to explore the unknown. I think as a writer, we explore the unknown as well. When we put our bodies of work out into the world, we have the unknown factor. What is actually going to happen? Are people going to like our work? Sometimes we have to take the plunge to the unknown and try new things. As a writer, I want to explore unknown topics. I enjoy taking topics and placing them into the bodies of fiction so that my readers can relate to the characters and settings.

So back to the unknown and off to do some writing!