When we become authors, we must push and market our work so that others will take notice. For me, I struggle with this because all though I am an extravert, I like to make a “real connection” with someone. So, what I have done is dig deep and begin to connect with people on social media and in real life which has allowed me to showcase my work and react to the work of others. What this has created is intentionality with my marketing and push me out of my comfort zone. Although, I admit I am not an expert at everything, I have learned a few things that I want to I want to share:

  1. Connect with Your Local Bookstore: I learned this at the 2019 San Francisco Writers Conference. When you connect with your local bookstore, you are establishing a connection and then you can tell others about the best hidden gem in your community. Trust me: bookstores bring people together!
  2. Build Relationships with Fellow Authors: Authors love to support each other. They want each other to feel and be successful. Find fellow authors where you can bounce ideas and get feedback. I have done with several authors and we see each and talk on a regular basis. It is nice to not feel so isolated.
  3. Be Consistent: When you post something on social media, be consistent with the images and format. This allows you to build your personal brand and individuals will begin to recognize you. I learned this through the amazing group called Instabosses!
  4. Join Challenges Online: For me this has kept me on track with showcasing my work. I have the opportunity and accountability to connect with readers from all over. I have received a lot of support with these challenges as well. Debra Torres, who has started a Author Challenge Movement on Instagram. This has been an amazing journey for me!
  5. Build Relationships with Readers: This one for me is the most important marketing tip. Readers are our best source of advertisement. They will tell their friends about you. The more engaged you are with your readers, then the more you will be seen.

Now go out and show the world who you truly are: Market and have fun!

Now off to some more writing!