January Author Challenge

Happy New Year to everyone! I can’t believe that it is 2019 already. How many of you make New Year Resolutions? I don’t really make a resolution. Instead I made personal goals. I like to call them goals because it is easier for me to stick to them.

My goals for January and this upcoming year is to write my 3rd book. Day 1 of the Author Challenge

The last couple of months I have been involved in an online community called Instabosses. Not only is the community supportive, they have provided their members with trainings on how to effectively utilize Instagram. I have found that I have reached more individuals and have learned more tips and tools and have applied what I learned on Instagram to my other social media platforms (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook). Through this online community, I have met a lot of neat and interesting women. Many are entrepreneurs, like me. It has been an amazing community to be a part of. Through Instabosses, I have connected with other authors. Through these connections, I found a challenge to do for the month of January: January Author Challenge 2019.

By participating in the January Author Challenge 2019, I have pushed myself to focus and narrow my social media content down to apply to my author brand. The challenge has prompts to follow every day. It is up to the author to post the content related to that day and use hashtags to generate a buzz about the challenge but also about your body of work and who you are as an author. Honestly, I love this challenge! It has helped me by pushing me to complete my professional and personal goal of writing my 3rd novel. Although my 3rd book is still a work in progress, this challenge has given me the opportunity to share my other body of works as well. Check out the challenge on Twitter, Instagram and my Facebook author pages!

Now off to write some more!

Who Am I? I am a mom, wife, friend and book lover. Creater of Stories, characters & places. My stories take you on an adventure that will make you laugh, love, cry, gasp, smile.
Day 2 of the January Author Challenge