Summer is officially over! Today my youngest started second grade. Excitement, happiness, and enthusiasm all crossed his face when he knew that he was going to be able to see his friends again. As I watched him interact with his friends, it made me realize that social connections is important to him. When thinking about social connections, to me, it includes spending time with loved ones. As a family, we created some great family memories this summer. We stayed connected by talking, laughing and reminiscing.

Connections is a theme in my next book, Public Affairs. I explored personal connections as characters fell in love with each other. To me this was important because when we connect with someone, we want to stay connected to them for a long time regardless of the outcome.  I also explored connections between members of family. Sometimes we might not agree with the choices our family members make, but we need to stay connected to them and realize that our longest relationships that we have is with our family. When we look at connections, for some, family is not important. It is the connection we have friends. When we meet someone, we have that spark and immediately a connection is made. We look to our friends for the support when we make choices. When our friends understand us, we stay connected.