Have you ever walked into a feed store and looked around at what is offered for your little friends at home AKA your pets? When I wrote Grains of Truth, I had to do some research and visit some feed stores to get an idea about what one might experience when entering. (Although I have visited some in the past, I normally went in and out without really taking the time to actually experience it). Upon entering, you can hear the sounds of the filters from the fish tanks, the smell of the grains and even see the array of items for your animals ranging from different types of bowels, leashes and even treats. Of course every aisle is dedicated to a different friend: birds, aquarium life, dogs, cats and even large animals like horses.

In my story, Grains of Truth, the characters work in a family-operated feed store in Texas. Zoe, one of the main characters is the bookkeeper and Sarah, the other main character, just works there during the day while going to school at night. The interesting part about having the feed store as the main setting, is that certain things happen in their lives and as much as they want to not deal with it, they must. As a wrote this place, I had to keep in mind what would one encounter if they went into a feed store.

I was recently interviewed from The Author’s Show about why the state of Texas was picked and in a feed store? Yes, Texas is a large state, but I wanted to give my readers the opportunity the freedom to imagine how they think this setting might be. I wanted my readers to fall in love with the settings, Texas and the feed store, by just giving them enough gist about the setting and then they can take the information and twist it to match their own personal ideas. So, I am happy with how the story allows the reader to think for themselves.

Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to read Grains of Truth!

Back to writing I go!